The chase for the drunk chief of police in Kuibyshev got in the video, the author of the video in fear of his life

the owner of the car “infiniti” 30-year-old Vahram Ghazaryan, who was in the accident with the chief of traffic police of the Kuibyshev district Yury M. Zachvatkini, told the NGS that he feared for his life.

— They want to make it my fault in all this, — said Vahram Ghazaryan. Zachvatkin went to the hospital in a private room, it will not let anyone not released. Wrote me a statement, he allegedly ran away from me and when he ran away, kind of afraid for his life, supposedly we were chasing him. Drank this in place of medical alcohol. And here they are now trying me to the police under any pretext to drag. I fear for my life. I have a wife and two children. I want to live in peace in the city.