The BVG loves us, that’s the way it is. Fetish experts may decide why among themselves. And because she loves us, she keeps giving us small gifts, this time a “brand sound” that is intended to replace the tonal patchwork of the train stations with its Düdeldüüt, Dingdong and Zckbleimbitte.

With an immense investment of time and experts, a kind of ear-flattering total work of art has now been created, which should at least penetrate the brains of those who don’t prefer to encapsulate themselves completely behind their cell phone playlist.

We have to imagine it as if the station master were banging a few summery tones on the service marimba before the announcement from the uniform voice of voice actor Philippa Jarke tells what’s going on, “Bundesallee” for example, or “Because of one police action…”.

In addition, there is their own brand music, in which Berlin voices and noises are digitally interwoven and supported by a bass clarinet, because it is said to resemble the human voice the most.

The enormous development and survey effort alone, in which practically everyone who is with the BVG or at least has been able to drive with it, basically prohibits any mockery – otherwise there would probably be trouble with the BVG customer council immediately.

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We should wait and see how the brand music proves itself in everyday life, whether it really plays along “in the big concert of the metropolis”, as the press release hopes, or just annoying. Oh, S-Bahn: you can think a little longer before you blow the clarinet. But you don’t love us anyway.

Listen to the new BVG tones at