Royalty-free of Malicious information on the alleged escapades of the prince Andrew,, it is possible to be in the hands of the Russians. According to the British media, British secret service, MI6, even the suspicion that the prince’s chantabel it is.

As the Buckingham Palace has stressed that the high-profile exposure of the American and Virginia Giuffre (35), about her being forced to have sex with prince Andrew when she was 17) is not true, and there is no form of sexual contact, and does not have any relationship with Virginia Roberts (the maiden name of Giuffre)” the British media, with the story told by the Russians there is more to know.

It all has to do with the relationship of Andrew, with paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (66), who recently committed suicide in prison. He was awaiting trial due to, inter alia, the prostitute from the children. In her controversial statement on the American news channel NBC says Virginia Giuffre by the Epstein several times, it was offered to Andrew. There would have to be having sex in London, New York, and to Epsteins island. Epstein also had a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. The police department has, in the past, extensive research has been done into the activities of Epstein.

See also the “Jeffrey Epstein forced me to have sex with prince Andrew when I was 17, it was” the Sheriff of the

One of the researchers there, it was one of John Mark Dougan. A former marine in the Us army and was a deputy sheriff in Palm Beach. Dougan has recognition in the record, Epstein, in which also the name of prince Andrew surfaced. The latter has never denied that he was a friend of the billionaire. He suffered after his suicide, and that friendship had continued, and while there have been serious allegations made against Epstein.

The career of a deputy sheriff Dougan from the police in Florida took a turn into a different direction. He’s got to be impossible with co-workers, he has appeared as a self-proclaimed whistleblower, and, in that context, all sorts of wild accusations posted online on the police officers who are corrupt, it would have been, and are, in some cases, children have trespassed. While the FBI and the allegations are being investigated, fled Dougan, suddenly, to Russia, where he says he is a political asylum to the ground. Under the name of “BadVolf” is going to be ‘klokkenluiderswerk’. He appeared in a documentary about the Russian propagandazender RT, and says he has to cooperate with Russian ngos.