The Boxing Federation disqualified for life of Kushitashvili

Federation of Boxing of Russia disqualified for life of the double champion of Russia Georgy Kushitashvili, in tests which found traces of cocaine. 24-year-old athlete is accused of cutting drugs and beating an employee of Regardie.

Secretary General of Federation of Boxing of Russia Umar Kremlev confirmed the information about the lifetime disqualification of Kushitashvili. The Kremlin told RIA Novosti that the Federation will help the athlete stumbled. “If one stumbled, it doesn’t mean you have to destroy it. We won’t throw Kushitashvili, we do not reject it. This is our boxer. When he won medals, we were happy, and now we’re not going to abandon it. We will spend a lot of educational work with him to correct person.”

Umar Kremlev sure that Kushitashvili have been set up. “How can you substitute, if the blood was found substance? Yes, anything can happen, but it is a series of stupid things. Moreover, we found these substances are then found in the blood. Need to take tough measures to discourage others were.”