Than the Soviet special forces so scared of Afghan dushmans

History 11/01/20 Than the Soviet special forces so scared of Afghan dushmans

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, despite the military successes of the latter, spooks (read, future terrorists) publicly stated: “We are not afraid of Russian. We fear their helicopters.” Indeed, the Mi-24 and su-25 was at first for the Mujahideen a real surprise. Until a Spetsnaz.

Army special forces

As said Vladimir Voronov in the book “OSNAZ. From the brigade of special purpose to the “Pennant””, in the USSR there were several special units have different structures: GRU, KGB, and MVD. Besides, specifically for operational and intelligence operations in Afghanistan were created by a group of special purpose “Cobalt”, “Cascade” and others. In secrecy it has made a real confusion in the enemy camp.

the Mujahideen were confused in the names, wondered what one Spetsnaz differs from the other, but was particularly scared of the number of special forces that were stationed throughout Afghanistan. Soviet special forces were able to cover great distances and strike in the most unexpected places. The confessions of prisoners of spooks (from the memoirs of Alexander Lazarenko, who commanded the detachment “Cascade”), have sometimes had the impression that they are fighting with an army of riot.

Not the number but skill

In fact, the total number of fighters of special forces never exceeded 3,000. In 1985, the disparate groups have United in a group whose main objective was the border control and the destruction of caravans from Pakistan. As noted by journalist Edward Girardet, a lot of trains in Afghanistan during the war, special forces coped with the task perfectly, acting “fast, silent and deadly”.

For field commanders and leaders of the caravans meeting with the special forces was like death. So in one RAID in December 1985 they destroyedrevived more than 80 and wounding 60 of the Mujahideen. And the operation in may 1987 echoed the spooks 187 killed. The special loss of almost carried. And case November 30, 1984, was altogether astonishing.

Then one of the units “Cascade” attacked a Pakistani special forces “Black storks” – under the command of future terrorist number one Osama bin Laden. The ambush 23 “stuntman” fought back all night – until the arrival of air support. The outcome of the battle became 372 killed “stork” and seized the Arsenal of weapons.

creative solutions in nonstandard situations

the Soviet forces were well trained in anti-guerrilla war in the mountains. Fighters are not frightened by heat or cold, hunger and deprivation. They acted confidently and found a way out of even the most unusual situations. Night vision devices and weapon night sights, silencers and radio-controlled mine fields – all of these high-tech weapons to the Mujahideen cause considerable damage. But simpler methods have proved effective.

As says the commander of the Taskforce, Lieutenant Egiazarov, a real surprise for the spooks became MPZ (unobtrusive obstacle), and the people – “thread waste”. In addition to the minefields the soldiers set on the outskirts and barbed wire, reminiscent in appearance of a spring mattress. Leg caught in MPZ of the enemy had gone inside, but to get her back was already problematic. The attackers simply got stuck in the wire where they shoot soldiers units.

the Muslim battalions

Preparing for war on foreign territory – in the mountains and with a hostile local population, the Soviet command had prepared a number of divisions of the Central Asian republics: the Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Uighurs and Turks. Outwardly they did not differ from the local population of Afghanistan, had the language, knew the customs, had been accustomed to climatic conditions. All this made them not just great fighters, but also a great intelligence.

as for the Mujahideen verbovcand Russian-speaking Europeans was a real problem. In addition, representatives of Muslim battalions, in spite of the religion, was mentally stable, and refused to side with the “warriors of Allah” even under pain of death.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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