Than the soldiers of Hitler were surprised by soldiers of the red Army

History 14/02/20 Than the soldiers of Hitler were surprised by soldiers of the red Army

the Great Patriotic war was a clash not just of armies, States, and ideologies, but also to some extent a conflict of two cultures and ethical systems. Some of the things demonstrated in everyday life German soldiers were not quite understandable and acceptable for the Soviet fighters.

the Dirt and unsanitary conditions

Sometimes the Germans surprised the red army is an amazing disregard for the cleanliness and maintenance of sanitary conditions. As he remembered the fighter 1025-th mortar company Ivan Melnikov, when our soldiers were captured bunkers of the Wehrmacht, often find that they have a huge number of parasites. Costs only to run in, remembered the soldier as immediately feel “these things.”

the Spread of lice among the Germans was facilitated by the fact that sometimes they used other people’s bedding. Sometimes Wehrmacht soldiers were dragged blankets, pillows and mattresses among local residents.

Spread unsanitary because the first months of the war on the Eastern front, the Wehrmacht was not a normal environment for bathing and Laundry. According to Lieutenant Evert Gottfried, it was the red army, his unit learned the habit of periodically as it should bathe and wash and also to fight the parasites.

“not stay In place”

the Soviet soldiers guarding German prisoners surprised that they always tried myself to do something. Apparently inherent in this people hard work showed itself even in such a difficult period of life.

Former soldiers of the German army, he found the strength and desire to organize drama groups, literary clubs, and even choirs, many engaged in the manufacture of boxes, cigarette cases, chess and toys.

In many ways, this initiative of the Germans was at the hands of Soviet propaganda that was broadcast on the Wehrmacht stories about the good life surrendered.

Stealing from the middle

In the army stealing from each other and “rat” are some of the worst offenses. The Germans, for all his discipline, he managed to drag at work food and hygiene items.

Colonel Luitpold Steidle was deeply shocked when, one day, found the soldiers of his unit, to plunder the parcel of colleagues. However, it was November 1942. And that was Stalingrad. Despite the fact that the officer was severely beaten one of the thieves, to stop the wholesale degradation of any discipline and moral standards among his subordinates he could not.

don’t be shy

Soviet soldiers sometimes found abandoned by German soldiers personal belongings and documents. Sometimes there are two or photos very obscene. For some reason, the soldiers of the German army loved to be photographed naked. They showed his ass off somewhere- “before”. This usually occurred during hygiene procedures, for example, washing in the river.

And to be photographed on camera German soldiers did not hesitate, on the contrary, smiled, and his whole appearance showed his looseness. Such behavior was incomprehensible to the red army.

the Rudeness and ignorance

as of January 1942, the USSR was slightly more than nine thousand prisoners of war of the Germans. The first time massively captured German soldiers after the defeat at Stalingrad – almost 90 thousand people. Many of them were sent to hospitals.

Behaved there the Germans are not quite decent. Soviet soldiers treated together with “Hans”, noted their rudeness, vulgarity, promiscuity and to some extent arrogance.

Execution on the guillotine

Another very dubious “tradition” in the German army on the Eastern front – a penalty on the guillotine, that is, by cutting off the head. In Europe, this barbaric method of killing has not been used, but the Wehrmacht was, in modern parlance, “own AtmosFera”.

As he recalled the gunner 253-th division of the Wehrmacht Max landowski, in the years 1943-44 in this way it was executed most guilty. Of course, the soldiers were sentenced to death in the red army, but by firing squad. And the idea to kill someone with a guillotine not fit in the head, even the NKVD.

intimate Affairs

an Important part of the everyday life of German soldiers in Soviet territory were brothels. Of girls of easy virtue have got the content, medical service and certain privileges.

it is Noteworthy that a substantial part of the parcels to the front for the soldiers of the German army made contraceptives. In addition, condoms can be purchased in coffee shops.

most of the low places were opened during the occupation in Ukraine. According to the testimony of corporal 111th infantry division Helmut Klausman, Ukrainian women are in General more active affair with the Germans and joined together in the so-called sexual collaboration.

Ivan Proshkin

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