Sweep road again: forecasters said, what is the weather like Novosibirsk in the coming days

Forecasters talked about what is the weather like Novosibirsk in the first half of the coming week: the city will cover the snow.

— Moderately cold weather gives way to more comfortable weather in terms of temperature. There is a movement of the atmospheric wave disturbances in the West of the districts of European Russia, and this will cause increasing cloudiness. We assume that will dominate the weather with snowfalls, snow may be accompanied by blizzards, increased wind gusts to 15-16 meters per second. The same situation we have in the Kemerovo region, and Altai. Of course, blizzards are accompanied by poor visibility, snow drifts, so again tense situation for utilities, road services, car, — told the correspondent NGS press-the Secretary of Novosibirsk hydrometeorological centre Renad Yagudin.