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Adult children leave the parental household at the age of 26.5 on average in the EU. However, there are significant differences between the countries, as shown by figures from the European statistical office Eurostat (Thursday).

While young Swedes fledge at an average age of 19, the Portuguese only check out of the “Hotel Mama” at the age of 33.6.

In the overall EU picture, the new generation in the south started their own household much later than in the north. In addition to Portugal, countries with long residence times include Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain.

In contrast, children in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia left the parental home particularly early.

At 23.6 years, Germany is in the bottom third. Sons tend to stay longer in the parental household than daughters: in the year 2021, they cleared their children’s rooms on average at the EU age of 27.4, and young women at 25.5.