News Bilder des Tages Deutscher Bundestag, 48. Plenarsitzung Aktuell,08.07.2022 Berlin, Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann FDP im Portrait bei der 48. Sitzung des Deutschen Bundestag in Berlin Berlin Berlin Deutschland *** German Bundestag, 48 plenary session Current,08 07 2022 Berlin, Dr Marie Agnes Strack Zimmermann FDP in portrait at the 48 session of the German Bundestag in Berlin Berlin Germany

Even now, we all have to save every kilowatt hour that is possible. Everything needs to be put to the test, in every household and at work. The cities don’t leave out any area either: retrofit street lighting faster and reduce it at night, less hot water in public buildings, run air conditioning systems for shorter periods and adjust heating better. Saving energy and expanding renewable energies now have priority.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, we immediately turned the heating down again and lowered the hot water temperature. Full baths are completely out of fashion here.