Squad Kozina: how to fight the guerrillas are traitors against the Soviet Union

History 15/02/20 Squad Kozina: how to fight the guerrillas are traitors against the USSR

on the Basis of the few publicly available sources on the activities of this group, the majority of which unverified, this group is rather motley gang that operated in the last years of the great Patriotic war and several years after it, rather than partisan Association.

a Squad of”Ghost”

Skeptics who are interested in military history, even call into question the existence of the group of Nikolay Kozin: in many studies, particularly in the books of Sergey Verevkina “world war II: torn pages” and Sergey Chuev “Damned soldiers. The traitors on the side of the III Reich” (S. G. Chuev also not a historian and there are no papers in scientific journals in this field has) no reference to historical documents that mention the Department’s activities. Articles in “Wikipedia” “group of Kozin Nikolai” and “Nikolay Kozin (rebel)” is proposed for deletion, the process of the discussion is precisely because of reverification sources of information.
the Fact that in the Bryansk region from 1944 to 1948 there was indeed a gang Kozina, confirmed by information from contemporary sources, particularly from the biographical data of the honored worker of MIA of the USSR M. V. Chirikov (died in 1991) submitted to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia across the Bryansk region. In the past it was Mikhail organized the operation to destroy the remnants of the gang which included, in particular, and collaborators from the so-called Lokotskogo Republic.
more fully, with reference to the information provided from the archives of the Department of internal Affairs of the Bryansk region, the activities of the gang described in his book “Russian criminal. From the “thieves in law” to “thugs” police Colonel S. M. Dichev (he is not a historian).
That was a squad Kozina
last N. Kozina there are a fewe information. S. M. Dechev reports that prior to the occupation of Bryansk the Germans he worked as a tractor driver, and when Lokotskogo government (1941 – 1943) was a policeman. On the activities of Kozina in this as there is almost no information.
Dichev writes that during the retreat of the compounds of collaborators under the onslaught of the red army units in August 1943 most of the surviving Nazi collaborators, together with their families fled to Belarus following the divisions of the Nazis. The remainder of the home went into the forest. One of these groups of 11 people, and led the N. Kozin. In addition to ex-policemen in the squad were and demobilized soldiers of the red army, which came for various reasons upon returning home to the conflict with representatives of the Soviet government.

… and what he did

the Gang operated in Surazhskaya and Letnenskoy areas of the Bryansk region from 1944 to 1948. In the summer they hid in the impenetrable swampy forest (repeated raids, organize them by units of the NKVD, was not a success), winter holed up at home. The gang had an extensive informer network, enjoyed the support of the local population. The attack was planned on a special conspiratorial gatherings. Kozyntsi looted shops and warehouses, killed the local Soviet activists.
One day, trying to win the sympathy of the villagers, the bandits seized the warehouse with the grain requisitioned from the peasants in the course of the surplus, and asked the villagers to take it all back. Those who listened, then sent with their families to Siberia, as was once the relatives of the bandits from the squad Kozina.

Operation “Provocation”

a Cunning plan with the return home of the exiled families of traitors of the Motherland, invented new chief of Sourozh of the district Department of the NKVD M. V. by Ciriculum, helped to destroy the gang Kozina. Mikhail managed to convince his superiors that the “rehabilitation” of relatives of members of the “partisan” squad can bring to a gang or otherwise family members will contact each other.
Chirikov ordered will be manufactureds and toss through relatives of the bandits forged letter, which spoke of the “betrayal” of individual members of the group. The trick worked, and among the “partisans” started with the murders of “traitors”, one of which was shot and Nikolay Kozin. Security officers ambushed and destroyed the rest Kozintsev. One, shooting-back and is not going to surrender, burned alive in the shed, where he sat down.
As writes S. M. Dichev, by 1948, the party Kozina has no more than four people. Since 1947 the USSR had imposed a moratorium on the death penalty, these “partisans” for a long time was sent to the Gulag camps.

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