Ukraine has stabilized its positions in the heavily contested city of Sievjerodonetsk for the time being. This was announced by the British secret service in its daily situation assessment today. This is thanks in part to a surprise counter-offensive in the city. But Western weapons also played a role. Above all, artillery systems from the USA, Great Britain, France and Norway are already in use in the Donbass (no, I didn’t omit German systems, they are simply not there).

A few days ago, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Resnikov wrote on Facebook: “The Russian occupiers are being rebuffed in ways they didn’t expect.” The commander of a unit using the US howitzers told the Politico portal: “They work great. They have the accuracy of a sniper rifle and at the same time fire a 155mm shell. Their range is much longer than ours own weapons, and we can hit their positions, supply lines, and ammunition depots at longer ranges.”

There are still too few heavy weapons from the west in the Donbass to enable the Ukrainians to launch a successful counteroffensive. But what is already available to Ukrainians suggests the possibility. Currently, the Russian troops have the advantage; mainly because they have a lot more soldiers in action.

1. Warning of the “Crimea Effect”: The West must not get used to Russia’s warMacron does not want to humiliate Putin, Biden only negotiates what is possible. So the hard line softens. This is reminiscent of politics since 2014. A comment.

2. German weapons for Ukraine: “No one is delivering in a similar amount” – Scholz’s statement in the fact check The Chancellor has contradicted allegations that Germany would not supply Ukraine with enough weapons. But: Little has arrived so far.

3. Do they face the death penalty? This is how it is with the prisoners of war from the Azov steelworks Soldiers in Mariupol resisted for weeks. Then they surrendered to the Russian troops. Concern for her grows.