Slovak Hitler's troops fought with the Soviet Union

History 29/01/20 Slovak Hitler’s troops fought with the Soviet Union

23 Jul 1941 Slovakia severed diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, and on 26 July the Slovak expeditionary force invaded the Soviet Union. Slovakia is the only ally of Germany, which literally asked for it in the campaign in the East. Thus the Prime Minister Jozef Tiso tried to win the favor of Hitler’s territorial disputes with Hungary.

the First battles of the

26 June 1941, the Slovak expeditionary corps of General Ferdinand Callosa, consisting of two infantry divisions numbering 41 739 people crossed the state border of the USSR. Two months later, due to poor training of officers and lack of road transport, essential for modern mobile warfare, the command of the Wehrmacht decided to take the Slovaks in the rear.

However, on 22 June in the 17-th army of the Wehrmacht against the Soviet troops fought tank brigade, considered the elite of the Slovak army. The series connections were 3,500 soldiers under 37 Czechoslovak tanks LT vz.38. On the first day of the war, the Slovaks attacked the town Lypovytsya, but were driven back by Soviet guards. According to the memoirs of a German major Leggero, in this battle the brigade suffered heavy losses in men and equipment.

a Quick division

In August 1941 was created the “Fast division” Colonel Rudolf Pilfousek, operational management of which was carried out by the Wehrmacht. New connection numbering 8,000 soldiers and officers were equipped with light tanks. Together with the Germans, the Slovaks came to Kiev, in part of the 1st Panzer army of the Wehrmacht fought in the middle Dnieper, came to Mariupol and Taganrog. In autumn 1941 the “Fast division” was carrying the rear guard of the coast of the Azov sea, but at the critical moment of the attack on Rostov on the orders of Kleist threw her on the assault on the city.

Soviet scholar Nikolai Makarov found out that in the summer of 1942 the division is located in Krasnodar, where local underground Slovakian officer-fascist Karl Schuster got in touch with Slovak soldiers. The Soviet members of the resistance managed to persuade several soldiers to desertion, the remaining division soldiers declined further to fight. The German high command withdrew from the division artillery and all the vehicles, and the poor connections were disarmed. “Fast division” participated in the battles for the Caucasus, and after the advance of the red Army was completely defeated and sent to the Crimea, where he performed security functions.

Slovak soldiers wanted to fight for Germany and were actively sided with the USSR. In the Crimea of the deserters were organized in a separate combat group under the command of the soldier Anton Loncarich. According to Soviet archives, in the autumn of 1943 the red Army crossed over 2750 officers and soldiers of the “Fast division”, which by the time a military unit has virtually ceased to exist. In the summer of 1944 the division is fully disarmed and its personnel used for the construction of fortifications in Romania. In the spring of 1945 the remnants of the elite of the Slovak army was in Soviet captivity.

Security division

In September 1941, German command has created the 2nd security division, where Slovak soldiers from the first days of the service EN masse, went over to the Soviet partisans. In 1942 the division had acted anti-fascist organization of captain Jan Nalepka, which supplied the people’s Avengers information. According to the memoirs of the commander of the Minsk partisan detachment, Vasily Kozlov, in one of the raids, the Slovaks gave his fighters the scheme of the enemy and fortifications during the battle blocked the German garrison, and then joined the partisans. In November 1943 due to the constant defections remnants of the security division was redeployed to Italy.

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