Skater Betina Popova retired

the Russian skater Betina Popova has made the decision on end of sports career. 23-year-old athlete announced his retirement from figure skating page on the social network.

“I finished a career, and I Express my gratitude to all the people who helped me to develop in figure skating. Figure skating became for me a kind of start in adult life — it gave me a lot of problems, but at the same time it gave me the closest friends, it gave me a lot of Dating, invaluable experience, discipline, ability to interact with others is an incredible school of life, without which I wouldn’t be me. Thank you, that’s all I had in my life, now it’s time to go further,” wrote Betina. View this post in Instagram

Publish from Betina Popova (@bet1nka) February 14, 2020 at 12:36 PST

Betina Popova competed in sports dancing in a pair with Sergey Brain. The highest achievement of the Duo’s victory at the winter Universiade in 2019. Also Popov and the Brain has twice placed second in the finals of the Russian Cup (season-2016/17, 2018/19). In the Championships of Russia Sergey Betina and two times became the fourth.