The Style, The woven leather bags as well as shoes from the Fashion Houses were in last season, have already bombed to the most sought-after fashion items. As the new creative director of the brand, Daniel Lee allow this to continue.

We stated earlier that the ‘in The Pouch’, a minimalist design with a leather clutch and shoes with the square front, and ensure that the Bottega Veneta all of a sudden, one of the most talked about brands of the last season. In spite of the high price tag the handbag with a cost of € 2.175, and the shoes are € 990 out of stock of the 2 it items as well as sweets. No wonder, then, that Daniel Lee, during the last fashion week in Milan and successors, might.

The woven bags in these times, and finished with gold, silver, and wood, of chains and locks. Also presented Lee with a number of huge holdalls to the shoulder of the designs have been worn as too small, clutch bags. The shoes were once again to be a square-tip, and had a leather top, which is still the best way to describe it is as if the appearance of a Chesterfield sofa. This season, in pastel shades, brighter shades, such as reds and purples, and for the first time, the dierenprint.