After a series of nine burglaries in shisha bars, four young men have to answer to the Berlin district court. Three 22- to 25-year-olds are said to have broken into different bars in different constellations in order to steal cash, shisha pipes, tobacco, laptops, mobile phones and alcohol.

In addition, two of the accused are said to have attacked a man at his front door. At the beginning of the trial on Monday, the young men essentially confessed.

The series began in July 2019 and ended around seven months later when two suspected burglars in the Wilmersdorf district were caught red-handed.

The accused are said to have obtained a total of more than 12,000 euros through the crimes. In two cases it was an attempt. The charges include particularly aggravated theft and property damage.

The defense attorney for a 23-year-old explained that his client needed money “because at the time he was only hanging around in shisha bars”.

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A 25-year-old admitted through his defense attorney that he was involved in an act due to gambling debts, which, however, was unsuccessful.