Serge Anying: as the son of Mao Zedong fought with the Germans in the great Patriotic

Biography 28/01/20 Serge Anying: as the son of Mao Zedong fought with the Germans in the great Patriotic

the Relations of the Chinese leader Mao Zedong with the Soviet Union, as we know, was not easy. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union spent 10 years of his son Mao Anying, known under the Russian name Sergey.

Chinese Sereja

Mao Anying (yanlin) was born in 1922 in Changsha, where his father Mao Zedong worked as a Secretary of branch of Communist party of China in Hunan province. The boy’s mother was the second wife of the future “great helmsman” Yang Kaihua. She was executed by the Kuomintang punitive when Angina was 8 years old. The child had to grief – along with his younger brothers, he lived in the slums and even wandered.

as soon As the opportunity presented itself, Mao Zedong circuitous route through Paris, sent his two sons to the Soviet Union where they were placed in Interdom name Elena Stasova. In this orphanage, built in the Ivanovo provincial in 1933, brought up the children of the leaders of the Communist parties from around the world. Mao Anying was one of the few Chinese in the orphanage. For conspiracy it was recorded by Seryozha Yongfu. The son of Mao in the orphanage remembered as a capable and active teenager.

the political Officer Sergei Maev

In 1941, Mao Angina turned 21. Chinese young man wrote several letters to Stalin with a request to take him to the front.

“the Soviet Union I love the way I love China. I can’t see how the German fascists trample on Your country. I want to avenge the millions of dead Soviet people,” – said the pupil of Interdome.

One of the advantages of Mao Angina had a good command of the German language, which it is still taught as a child close friend, the son of a German anti-fascists Fritz Straub. In the end, in Moscow went to meet hot Chinese internationalist (agreeing on this issue with his father). With the assistance of the leader of the Comintern Dmitry Manuilsky in may 1942, Mao Anying was taken into the army, but not Radowym. First, he graduated from courses for sergeants, and then was enrolled in the Military-political Academy named after Lenin. Only by becoming a political officer of a tank company, a graduate of Interdome got to the front, and under a new assumed name. Colleagues took Lieutenant Sergei Maev in Buryat by nationality, and only a couple of people in command of the division knew who he was really.

Mao Anying fought in the 2nd Belorussian front. After the liberation of the Soviet territory, together with soldiers of his company he went through Poland and Czechoslovakia, came to Berlin. In gratitude for the service of Joseph Stalin, taking the young officer in the Kremlin, gave him a commemorative gun.

Mao had Angina to war with the Japanese to oppress his homeland. In August and September 1945, during the final stage of the Second world war, he fought in the TRANS-Baikal front in the Chinese province of Chahar (now Inner Mongolia), was awarded the order of the red Star and the medal “For military merit”. After the end of fighting, the young man entered the Moscow Institute of Oriental studies at the “orphanage” in the name of Sergey Yongfu.

arrival in China

In the USSR, Mao Anying remained until the beginning of 1946, when finally, finally returned to China. Meeting her son, Mao Zedong in a letter thanking Stalin for the good upbringing and education Mao Angina.

although Mao-a Junior from childhood instilled the Communist ideals in the activities of his father, he saw the flaws and even accused him of “cult of personality”. Leader of the CPC regarded such a thing as “anti-party speech” and as punishment sent him for some time to rotten in the village. Mao Zedong called it a “labor University”.

“my Father didn’t want the knowledge of Mao Angina about the Soviet Union. He was not interested in the representation of Mao Angina about the people of the Soviet Union, the war with Germany and its allies,” says the biographer of Mao Zedong Yuri Galenovich.

Since the beginning of the Korean war the son of the leader of the CCP became adjutant to the commander of the Chinese volunteer corps. 24 November 1950, Mao Anying received burns during the bombing of the Chinese headquarters of the American army, and died the next day. When Chairman Mao learned of this, he stated that “lost the simple soldier”, and this death should not be considered a “special event”.

the Events of the life of Mao Angina, including his service in the red army, shown in the 34-serial Chinese biographical TV film, released in 2011.

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