There has been a dispute over a house for weeks – now two men are dead, leaving a pregnant woman. It is not yet clear what exactly happened on Saturday in Spandau on a peninsula in the Havel south of the Freybrücke. A homicide commission from the State Criminal Police Office is investigating and examining whether there could be another perpetrator or participant in this homicide. So far, however, there is no indication of this.

At around 11:00 a.m., a neighbor called the police after hearing gunshots. The investigators saw the following picture: A 79-year-old man is said to have killed 38-year-old Dennis P. Officially, there was initially talk of a so-called act of violence.

In the deployment papers from the fire brigade and police, however, a gunshot wound is noted in the 38-year-old. According to information from the Tagesspiegel, P. was shot and hit five times. After the fact, the older man should have set a fire in his apartment – ​​he then also died in smoke and flames.

The police and fire brigade triggered a large-scale operation, and a special task force also arrived. “Danger from weapons,” reported the headquarters to the emergency services. The crime scene is a bungalow-like, low-rise extension directly on a single-family house. There used to be a boathouse there that rented out berths. The company was liquidated a few years ago.

A new company has been registered there for eight months. Among other things, the following is noted for the GmbH in the commercial register: “Rental of water sports vehicles, rental of apartments and houseboats, events and events, gastronomy, sale and trade of boats and boat accessories”.

Neighbors report that the 38-year-old, who is not listed as the owner and boss of the boat rental company but was employed there, is said to have been at odds with the 79-year-old for months. The boat rental company bought the property some time ago, so the 79-year-old has lived there for years.

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Apparently, according to local residents, the 38-year-old repeatedly urged the older man to move out. But he insisted until the end on having a lifelong right to live in the annex. Neighbors now believe that this dispute has escalated.

The investigators know about the involvement, but it is still unclear whether the dispute over the right to live has anything to do with the crime itself. The public prosecutor’s office did not want to comment on the background of the crime.

After the fact, the fire brigade took a woman out of the family home – she is pregnant, it should not be long until the due date, they said. It is said to be the life partner of the 38-year-old who was killed. She is said to have been in shock.