Self-proclaimed “big boss” Guillaume Carle tricked a young teenager into having sex with his own girlfriend three decades ago. A jury took just a few hours to find him guilty on the whole line last week, at the end of an under-the-radar trial.

The 62-year-old was found guilty of sexual interference with a minor, invitation to sexual touching and sexual assault with the participation of a third party on March 28 at the Gatineau courthouse. . He faces a long prison sentence.

Guillaume Carle has made headlines in recent years by presenting himself as the “Grand Chief” of the Confederacy of Indigenous Peoples of Canada, an organization that is not recognized by First Nations. Several leaders have also denounced him as a usurper of Aboriginal identity.

A 2018 La Presse investigation found that Guillaume Carle was selling fake Indigenous cards to anyone that allegedly allowed the holder to claim Aboriginal tax and hunting rights. Strangers had even managed to obtain this card.

In this case, he faces a series of charges, including fraud, use of forged documents and possession of a firearm. His preliminary investigation is scheduled for next month at the Gatineau courthouse.

A court order protects the identity of the victim.

One evening, Guillaume Carle and his partner – who was never found – sexually assaulted the victim. According to the evidence presented at trial, the boy had full penetrative sex with the woman, while Guillaume Carle watched. The latter then gave a slap on the buttocks of the victim to encourage him to leave. He then had sex with his girlfriend.

“Guillaume Carle is going to be the one who will incite the victim to go into the bedroom and make the gestures [of a sexual nature],” Crown prosecutor Me Andrée-Anne Tremblay told La Presse. “The victim could not consent because of her age,” the prosecutor recalled.

Two decades later, the victim confronted Guillaume Carle in a phone call entered into evidence. During this call, the accused confirmed that the relationship had taken place and confirmed the age of the victim at the time of the events. It was finally in 2019 that the victim filed a complaint.

Guillaume Carle did not present a defense during the trial. Moreover, the deliberations were brief: sequestered in the late morning, the jury returned a guilty verdict in the early afternoon. A pre-sentence report was requested for sentencing submissions. The case will return to court next June.

Note that in 2021, Guillaume Carle received a conditional discharge after being convicted of threatening two peace officers. According to the newspaper Le Droit, Carle had threatened to break the legs of a special constable and told a Sûreté du Québec policeman that he would find himself in “a wooden box” if he went home.