Security divisions of the Wehrmacht: what troops fought with the Soviet partisans

History 28/01/20 Security division of the Wehrmacht: what troops fought with the Soviet partisans

About Soviet partisans, who during the Great Patriotic war gave the Nazis in the rear a “Second front”, says a lot. And about how whole regions in German-occupied territory came under the control of “partisan republics”, and about what damage they have caused to the supply of the Wehrmacht.

in 1942, they broke more than 3% of freight on the Eastern front, and it very much. Not casually already in October 1941 the commanders of all of the compounds of the Wehrmacht were sent to “Main provisions on combating partisans”.
But if the guerrillas are known to many, it can not be said about those who fought with them. Somehow I believe that fought with the partisans, the SS butchers and policemen that from the front filmed the whole division, dozens of tanks attacked the guerrilla zone, was widely used aircraft.

as for the SS executioners, it is the Einsatzgruppen (Einsatzgruppen), which were created jointly by the police, security service and SS troops to “restore order” in the occupied territory. “Order” they have imposed the most brutal methods of destroying Jews, Gypsies, Communists and all who were considered “superfluous people”. But directly fighting guerrillas was not engaged, they simply did not have units for combat. All four Einsatzgruppen had a population of 600 to 900 people.

as for the policemen, recruited from the local population, in the “auxiliary police”, that they were armed with poorly motivated often even worse. Those something was good, the Germans tried to use on the front. In the second half of the war, policemen and other collaborators was formed even entire divisions and brigades that were part of the Waffen SS a variety of combat capability. Divisions formed in the Baltic States, fought with the red Army at the front. Division, recruited from Russian, Ukrainant, Belarusians, military value was zero and against the Soviet partisans to fight was not able to. They could only Rob and kill the local population. But because the Germans were trying to use against the poles or the Yugoslavs.

as for the shoot to fight the guerrillas troops from the front, it is a strong exaggeration, especially the Waffen SS. Division of the SS and the Wehrmacht in the front and in the rear was not used. Clashes with the guerrillas were, but they occurred when large guerrilla force operated in the middle rear. As, for example, in the area of Vyazma and Rzhev in 1942.

the Wehrmacht had their own special forces, whose task and consisted of securing the rear areas. The composition of each army group was “the Command of the rear area” (rückwärtiges Befehlshaber Heeresgebiet). In obedience to this command there were various building parts for restoration and construction works of roads and bridges, as well as three security divisions (Sicherungs-Divisione). These divisions were manned by military personnel older or partially fit health, armed with small arms. Keep fighting with the red Army security division accounted for only when our troops broke through the defense. On the Eastern front was no more than 10-11 of these divisions during the war, which is very small, given the huge territory.

So later were involved and referred to the SS division. In addition, the protected territories were involved in the Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak infantry division, from which, in the opinion of the Germans, at the front sense is still not there.
as for tanks, they are in the security divisions were. Was given for fifteen to twenty light German or Czechoslovakian tanks, which at the front was already useless. A lot of the same and captured Soviet machines were.
Security division is mainly engaged in the protection of roads, bridges, power stations, and only occasionally participated in active operations against the guerrillas. But was in the Wehrmacht and the special “fighter team” (Jagdkommando). FermerovALIS teams at the front, selected people with experience in hunters, and got a lot of the penalty box, people with violent and criminal tendencies. The team consisted of several dozen people, and they acted on the same guerrilla tactics. Been sneaking out into the woods, communication on radio is not supported in the village did not go, and if met in the forests inhabitants, destroyed everyone, to leave no witnesses. If met in a forest of individual partisans or people who seemed suspicious, was interrogated with severe torture and then killed.

On the guerrilla camp attack usually at night. Quietly removed the guards, penetrated into the camp and tried to act without shots, killing the sleeping, first and foremost commanders. Also ambushes on the paths of motion of the guerrillas to disrupt their advance to the German facilities. In groups always were skilled snipers who destroyed commanders.
But no security division, nor the most successful team of “hunters” significant impact on the actions of the guerrillas to have failed.

Cyril Shishkin

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