Searches of Russian biathletes: Italian security forces acted unscrupulously

After 6 a.m. in a room to champion biathlete Alexander Loginov raided Italian police, was a scandal. And this is — in few hours before the most important race in the world championship! As a reason called the claims made for the accreditation of his personal coach Alexander Kasperovich. Next to the athletes is going through all my soul a sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev.

the Main speaker today, Alexander Loginov, who took a vow of silence at this world Cup, talks with representatives of Russian and foreign media.

as part of the national team of Russia Loginov came in today to finish fourth. The first stage ran Evgeny Garanichev, roommate Sasha.

At 6 am to the sleepy Russian athletes before the start knocked the Italian police. The boys made to throw off the blanket. The search was made. Took iPhone Loginova, some personal items, a computer with personal photos — wife — needed medications, vitamins.

I Asked Loginov, Garanichev and. And in such a situation, the Russian team came out at the start. Garanichev and Loginov told me that they tried to sleep — race-that late afternoon — but nothing worked.

This is a totally unprincipled intervention of the Italian forces. There were questions for a personal trainer Loginov Alexander Kasperovich that he used someone else’s accreditation. The Italian police decided that this is a reason to search cars Loginova and him in search of illegal drugs.

against the background of the recent events occurring with a clean and honest Russian team, all this is absolutely provocative.

Alexander Loginov almost cried, in an interview. “Thank you for your support. We are not broken, we have the mentality to do so,” he said.

Who benefits? International biathlon Union denies: it’s not that we gave a signal to the Italian police. But perfectabout obviously, just so the cops don’t come.

Eve was the money of the rest, but the police raided it on Saturday, for a matter of hours before the start of the waking and causes a stir the entire Russian team.

it is Understood that after this demand from our team the fight for the medals was quite impossible, at the first stage was Evgeny Garanichev, and the stick broke. Loginov did everything he could. Our world champion is faced with a precedent attack, but our team and then, of course, will act.