History 19/02/20 “screw you!”: why Russians were so afraid of the curse

There are many curses of various types and purposes. They are all expressive and frightening, but the cry of “screw you!” always struck fear and horror. Language dictionary, published by Anastasia Eugenieva, interprets this idiom as evil and malevolent message, with a wish serious setbacks and failures in all undertakings.

crop failures

the Semantic value of the word “void” in early linguistic sense is in the agricultural sector. It was designated lands that are not cultivated or does not yield. Made a curse “screw you!” meant agricultural disaster. Crop failure, damage already harvested grain or vegetables, murrain, famine and destruction here that wish an angry man, such an exclamation.

No children

Another meaning of emptiness, sterility. Semantically, for a long time young women compared with the fertile earth. As a good plot gives a rich harvest, and the wife gives birth to healthy and strong children.

the Meaning expressed curse “screw you!” to the girls or married women always mean infertility. If the negative exclamation is related to a pregnant lady, it means the wish of miscarriage, at birth or early death, and even deformities or congenital diseases for the baby.


Idiom curse “screw you!” has a General negative meaning. The recipient of the promise of failure, misery and misfortune. Over time, there are more interpretations of the utterance. Today, such a curse might mean always, empty wallet, poverty.

Psychologists have substantiated my own understanding of such statements. The recipient becomes void, lack of desires, apathy, destroyed personal life. Stanislav Grof – a practitioner in transpersonal psychology describes the destruction of the social entity. The curse “To thoseBAA was empty!” can lead to a state of mental emptiness that gives way to a sharp feeling of dissatisfaction. People do not have the strength and desire to do anything, loses touch with real life.

the curse of the empty buckets and bowls

Another meaning of the message “screw you!” found linguist Lubsan of Chimitov. The curse literally means the absence of everything. Empty bowls, barrels, buckets and bottles are treated in a negative way. Russian people subconsciously considers the empty container as a symbol of poverty or upcoming troubles.

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