Animals, two females of the about the northern white rhino is nearly extinct. The problem is: the females are Najin and Fatu are still eggs, but it was never successful for them to become pregnant have to make. Another issue: the last man, the Sudan is called, passed away in 2018 and beyond. However, research in the Northern Italian town of Cremona have managed to get two viable embryos to be produced.

On the 22nd of August, in Kenya, ten eggs, and the two remaining females are being achieved. Five of the eggs out of Najin (30), and five of the daughter Fatu (19).Seven of the eggs were donated by the community of Avantea laboratory in Cremona, suitable for fertilization, and have been in contact with it – previously-frozen – semen of the deceased males, Suni, and Saut. After the ten days were out, the two of Fatu’s eggs, two embryos transferred. This will be the use of liquid nitrogen is kept, and shall be transferred to a surrogate mother, a southern white rhino.