In Berlin, to talk briskly also means: to talk briskly. Yes, the ailing scene and art project in ruins could not be maintained in its post-reunification form – Klaus Wowereit’s verdict at the laying of the foundation stone is famous that one cannot put a cheese dome over everything.

But we’re in Berlin, and what’s leaking out here without a cheese dome doesn’t exactly stink, but will stink for some who are worried about affordable housing.

Because in the Tacheles house of the high-powered Basel architects Herzog

No, no envy: That’s what happens in cosmopolitan cities. But it’s more than a taste when the world-famous, wild symbol of the scene with the backing of politics, of all things, becomes a quarter for multi-millionaires – who then possibly leave it empty and give the lie to the advertising promises of a lively city quarter.

Berlin can do things differently, it can also slow down. The plan to build on the inner courtyard of the Mendelssohn complex behind the Schaub├╝hne in Charlottenburg, which was once populated with green tennis courts, has now failed due to a vote by the administrative court.

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With its massiveness and size, the project violated the monument protection of the important ensemble, it is said.

You can still build, just smaller and with more consideration for the monument. However, it is unlikely that the result will be affordable apartments.