S-Bahn Berlin # Eine S-Bahn fährt im Tunnel auf dem anderen Gleis vorbei. Die S-Bahn-Berlin macht die Gleisanlage auf dem gesperrten Teilstück - Nordbahnhof bis Anhalter Bahnhof ganz neu. Im gesperrten Bahntunnel zeigen Mitarbeiter der S-Bahn wie das gemacht wird. Foto: doris spiekermann-klaas

Berlin S-Bahn passengers and drivers have to expect considerable restrictions during the holidays. The main route of the S-Bahn between Zoo and Ostbahnhof, the so-called Stadtbahn, will be interrupted in parts for two and a half weeks from Monday due to construction work.

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Initially, according to Bahn, there will be no S-Bahn trains between Zoo and Alexanderplatz until July 17th. After that, the section between Friedrichstraße and Ostbahnhof will be out of service until July 27. Replacement buses will then run instead of the S-Bahn.

In addition, the S-Bahn line between Grünau and Königs Wusterhausen has been closed since last Friday until August 22 due to construction work.