Missing UK woman was last seen leaving St. John bar on March 7 with the Michigan native

Ryan Bane’s attorney, American boyfriend of missing British woman Sarm Sheslop, has been rebuffed by police. Police claimed that they have lost track of Ryan Bane, the American boyfriend of Sarm Heslop, who disappeared from the U.S. Virgin Islands in March. However, police are pushing back against them.

“I can confirm that I have personally advised law enforcement regarding Mr. Bane’s movements in the Territory and his departure from U.S Virgin Islands,” David Cattie said to Fox News on Thursday. “I also advised law enforcement that Mr. Bane will return to the Territory if he is required to be there legally.”

Although Bane (44) has not been charged in connection to Heslop’s disappearance but police have recently called him a “person-of interest” in statements made to the media,

After Bane was publicly asked by the Virgin Islands Police Department to contact investigators, Bane made the statement.

Toby Derima, a spokesperson for Ryan Bane, told reporters last week that they had been tracking him but didn’t know his exact location. “I appeal to him to contact me now. I appeal to his conscience to let him know what happened to Sarm the night he disappeared.”

“As this investigation is ongoing, the Virgin Islands Police Department maintains we would like to interview Ryan Bane because he was last to have contact Ms. Heslop,” Derima said to Fox News on Friday.

Fox News was told by “Friends of Heslop,” that police are aware of Bane’s whereabouts.

“We are aware Ryan Bane is not in the VIPD area, but we believe his exact location is known to the police. Fox News was informed by the group that they are continuing to assist in the investigation.

Cattie stated Thursday that “Mr. Bane did nothing to cause Sarm’s disappearance, and is still heartbroken that she is gone.”

Heslop, 41 years old, was last seen with Bane in public around 10 p.m., March 7. According to police, he reported her missing from the Siren Song, a 47-foot catamaran in Frank Bay, St. John at about 2:30 AM on March 8. They also stated that they cannot confirm if she returned to the boat that night.