17.07.2022, Hamburg: Tennis, WTA-Tour/ATP-Tour, Einzel, Damen, 1. Runde. Siniakova (Tschechien) - Kassatkina (Russland). Darja Kassatkina in Aktion. Foto: Frank Molter/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Russian tennis player Darya Kassatkina has made her homosexuality public. In a video interview with blogger Vitya Kravchenko published on Monday, she also criticized the fact that there were a number of “forbidden topics” in Russia.

“For young people who face problems in public, it is very important if athletes or other well-known figures talk about it,” Kassatkina said. She has a life partner, she confirmed when asked.

In this context, Kassatkina also praised the Russian footballer Nadezhda Karpova, who was the first Russian athlete to come out as homosexual at the beginning of June. Kassatkina criticized that there are a lot of topics in Russia that shouldn’t be talked about.

Homosexuality is not even the most important thing. There was movement towards more openness at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but this process has stopped. “The road has been blocked. Road works,” Kassatkina said wryly.