Rudolf Hess: the fate of the Nazi leader escaped to England

History 20/02/20 Rudolf Hess: the fate of the Nazi leader escaped to England

In may 1941, an event occurred that is still exciting the minds of researchers from all over the world. One of the leaders of Nazi Germany Rudolf Hess at the height of the war with great Britain flew to England and surrendered to the authorities of the Kingdom. Why the closest ally of Adolf Hitler lost at such a desperate gamble?

Alone in the sky

the Defeat of Germany in the First world war was a heavy blow for Hess, so the passionate speech calling for the restoration of “historical justice” Adolf Hitler came to his liking. They soon became friendly, and after coming to power, the newly minted führer Hess was entrusted all the Affairs of the party line. Later, he became the third person in the Nazi hierarchy, and he received the post of Reich Minister without portfolio.

career was interrupted on 10 may 1941. That day, Hess sat in the “Messerschmitt” and headed to the North of the British Isles. Over Scotland to intercept the fighter rose British pilots, but the pilot managed to jump with a parachute.

Hess landed near the possessions of one of the local farmers, good English, had a false name and asked how to find the estate of Duke Douglas Hamilton. The farmer immediately called to the headquarters of defense. Arriving officers detained Hess. To resist and escape he did not try.

a Staunch Anglophile

Before the Second world war in the political circles of Germany and the UK there was a conditional fraction of war and peace. The first were convinced of the necessity of struggle, the second is cooperation. A supporter of the peace party was Hess, who had a reputation as one of the Anglophiles of the Third Reich.

After the defeat of France the Germans attempted to probe the ground for negotiations. At the same time Hitler gave the order to bomb the British Isles. According to eyewitnesses, Hess was very worried due to the current situation. He was sure that Germany and Britain should not fight, and together rule the world.

the Peacemaker enthusiast

the Most common version, explaining the departure of Hess to England, States that the initiator of the mission was himself. The purpose of such an adventurous act – to reconcile the warring countries. His plan, he began to develop in the autumn of 1940. Ally of Hitler actively in contact with the Duke of Hamilton Douglas – a supporter of making peace with Germany, which had the exit to the Royal family.

Correspondence with Hamilton Hess assured that the positions of the British “peace party” is very strong, so he decided to act. Your departure Hess was canceled twice, and decided to take him only on may 10, 1941. Horoscopes that day had promised him the success of all undertakings.

After the capture the British tried to find out the intentions of the Hess. He said that Germany offers great Britain peace, but wants to overthrow the government of Winston Churchill. Realizing that the Minister is not aware of the secret plans of Hitler, the British quickly lose interest in the future contain hapless diplomat as a military prisoner.

it was rigged

According to another version, the British secret service made a brilliant special operation, tricked Hess and thus got their hands on the nearest ally of the German Fuhrer. The latter, incidentally, then publicly hastened to acknowledge that Hess was crazy.

In favor of this version says that fact that Hamilton fact of his acquaintance and correspondence with Hess has steadfastly denied. Historians make the assumption that on behalf of the Duke’s correspondence with the gullible Minister could lead the British security services.

By order of the Fuhrer

Others argue that Hitler not only knew about the impending flight of Hess, but he gave the appropriate instructions. Supposedly this was the last attempt of Berlin to avoid war on two fronts, which Germany was leading during the First world war.

Indirectly this version is confirmed by the memoirs of SS-obergruppenführer Karl Wolf. Shortly before the end of the war, he to negotiate with the Americans on the conclusion of peace. As later recalled by wolf, Hitler threatened that if the mission fails, he will deal with him just like with Hess – declared insane.

intelligence Agent

Another version says that Hess was originally an agent of the British or American secret services. He was allegedly introduced in the nearest environment of Hitler in 1920-e years that he regularly passed information on the future Fuhrer. However, this version does not explain why allies suddenly needed to withdraw its “agent” in the midst of war.

Bad landing

Historian John Costello brings his vision of the situation. In his opinion, in political circles in the UK there was indeed influential “party of peace”, is ready to conclude peace with Germany before the German attack on the Soviet Union. Hess allegedly flew to England to meet with its members.

After a conversation with Hess they had to persuade king George VI to enter into peace negotiations and force the monarch to dismiss intending to continue the war Churchill. Costello argues that the plan fell through due to the togas that Hess had landed, not where.

the mystery

During the Nuremberg trials, the British Prosecutor has not allowed to speak to Hess, immediately interrupting the meeting. The former Minister started to say that suffering from memory loss.

According to the decision of the Tribunal, he was transferred to Spandau prison in the British occupation zone of Berlin. In 1987 Hess died in detention. The circumstances of his death are still not fully elucidated.

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