Put this to the back of the toy gun: Novosibirsk condemned for a joke of the police

Dzerzhinsky district court of Novosibirsk has sentenced Vitaly Kalinichenko, who is 16 February 2020 decided to play a COP, having put to his head a toy gun.

On the court’s website States that novosibirets was drunk. At the metro station “birch grove”, he decided to make fun of the police.

— Get the available to himself black mask-Balaclava, put it on his head so that his face was indiscernible to others, and then got the item in black color is visually similar to a gun battle model “TT”, took him in hand and came up behind the officer and put the gun to the back of the head of the latter, thereby threatening the use of violence, according to the website of Dzerzhinsky district court.