The Pro Bahn passenger association sees its criticism confirmed after the first endurance test for the nine-euro ticket on Pentecost weekend. “During peak travel times, demand on the main routes was so high that trains could not depart. And some railway companies – such as Metronom in northern Germany – have excluded bicycle transport because they could not handle the rush,” said Karl-Peter Naumann from the Pro Bahn passenger association on Monday of the German Press Agency.

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The chaos was foreseeable and the result of a political offer without having the necessary rail traffic capacities.

“Not everything that is well meant is also well done,” said Naumann. The good thing about the 9-euro ticket is that it has brought local public transport back into the conversation. “But it only works if the capacities are available,” emphasized Naumann.

Pentecost was the first endurance test for the discount campaign. The ticket entitles you to use local public transport throughout Germany for one month. The ticket is available for June, July and August. It is intended to support commuters, for example, and also help to persuade new users to permanently switch to the train.