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Tape of Boris Durov “pirates of the XX century” — a film record of the national cinema. For the first year of rolling it looked 87 million people. The picture was an interested spectator not only of shooting and fighting, but also the fact that the authors showed a little-known problem of modern piracy, which had to face the Soviet seamen.

an Outlet for the viewer

the phenomenon of the success of “pirates of the XX century” is not due to high artistic merit, and the fact that the movie theatres lacked showmanship. Niche suspense action films in the USSR was traditionally filled with strips of military-Patriotic content, from “Chapaev” and ending with the list of films-“yesternow”, including the “Elusive Avengers” and “White sun of the desert”.

it is not Surprising that the film is contemporary material was passed “on hurrah”, especially since the Director, the film is largely copied Western fighters that remained for the Soviet viewer “forbidden fruit”. The English soundtrack was accompanied by a presentation of techniques of martial arts (it is noteworthy that 2 years after the filming of karate in the Soviet Union was officially prohibited). This mishmash is not always looked the most likely, and in the beginning cinematic, the chiefs didn’t want to give the nod to hire. Unexpectedly, however, the film led to the delight of Leonid Brezhnev, looked him in private at his dacha. Perhaps one of the reasons was the fact that the General Secretary of the CPSU, the topic of piracy was not brand new. Unlike the General public, the higher ranks in the state were aware of the “outrage” faced on the seas of the Soviet captains and sailors. The fishing fleet of the USSR was one of the biggest in the world, and was of great importance as a supplier of currency in the budget.

Red star vs the “Jolly Roger”

After the Second miworld war, the piracy is widespread off the coast of developing countries. According to the “Great Soviet encyclopedia”, in the 60-70-ies of the incidents of piracy against small commercial and fishing vessels have increased in South China, Andaman, Philippine, and other seas.

Screenwriter, Stanislav Govorukhin, came up with a story about modern pirates, when I read in the newspaper about the capture of an Italian ship on the high seas. Similar cases with Soviet sailors in the press not publicized. However, seeing the ship under the red flag, the pirates really prefer to avoid it. This was due to the regular involvement of the Russian Navy in operations against pirates in different parts of the world. According to some reports, the Soviet military sank and boarded about 10 pirate ships.

To capture the Soviet crews, and it came only when the sailors faced not “criminal”, and the “state” of piracy. One such case occurred in Ghana in 1968. Then in power in this country was extremely anti-socialist government. Under the pretext of violation of the borders of the naval forces of Ghana seized the Soviet fishing vessels “Cold” and “Wind.” The sailors had been imprisoned for six months, while the Soviet Union is not sent to the shores of Ghana battle squadron. Frightened, the Ghanaian authorities have released the trawlers with the team.

in 1977, 50 days in jail for sailors reefer trawler “Apatite” and 6 Soviet ships that were captured by the Argentine military in the area of the Falkland Islands. On the aggressive actions the junta has pushed the desire to demonstrate sovereignty over the disputed territory.

And yet the film “pirates of the XX century” can be considered ahead of his time, since the problem of the “criminal” seizure of vessels became relevant much later – in 1990-ies. Researcher Konstantin Boukreev in the article “Piracy: the state, tendencies, problems of counteraction” says that if in 1986 there were 38 cases of assault the pirates in 1991 – 107, and in 1999 — 285 similar cases. In many ways, the surge of piracy in the late XX century due to the cessation of the presence in the seas of Soviet warships, which regularly patrol international waters.

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