Expenses of the members of the British royal family has a lot of high-profile properties have been well known. Buckingham Palace is the main base of the world, there are millions of people in front of the door, the vast majority of the population never get to see what lies behind the walls of the palace. There documentary series ‘Secrets of the Royal Palace of the British tv channel, Channel 5 and is now about to change that. A fully equipped operating theatre, to the “secret door” of Elizabeth: these are the most eye-catching facts.

775 rooms , which is 19ontvangstzalen, 52 royal bedrooms and guest bedrooms, 188 personeelskamers, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms, many areas and has attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarch, in the very heart of the Londen.De the first installment of a four-part documentary series ‘Secrets of the Royal Palace to explore its domain, and there are several royal experts and the staff of the word, including Dickie Arbiter, the former spokesman to the Queen. There is also a deeper, zooming in on the most impressive of the rooms and the objects found in the royal palace can be found.

This is one of the areas, interestingly enough, a atm: .That function is managed by Coutts, a private bank that provides services to the rich and famous.It is not known whether or not the queen of the machines will ever be effectively used, though that seems unlikely. Previously, it was known that Elizabeth was never in cash money in his pocket, wearing it.

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