16.08.2021, Berlin, GER - Polizist auf einer Strassenkreuzung regelt den Verkehr. Alltag, Ampelausfall, aussen, Aussenaufnahme, Auto, Berlin, Beruf, Bus, deuten, deutsch, Deutschland, Europa, europaeisch, Fahrbahn, Fahrzeuge, Gesellschaft, Handzeichen, Jahreszeit, Kaukasier, kaukasisch, Kfz, Kraftfahrzeuge, Kreuzung, Mann, Mensch, Oeffentlicher Dienst, Person, PKW, Polizei, Polizist, QF, Querformat, regeln, Sommer, Stadt, Stadtleben, Stadtverkehr, Strasse, Strassenkreuzung, Strassenszene, Strassenverkehr, Verkehr, Verkehrspolizei, Verkehrspolizist, Verkehrsregelung, Westeuropa, Wirtschaft, zeigen 210816D022BERLIN.JPG *** 16 08 2021, Berlin, GER policeman on a street crossing regulates traffic everyday life, traffic light failure, outside

Because of the heat, traffic lights failed in Berlin on Tuesday. The Berlin police confirmed this in the afternoon when asked by the Tagesspiegel. Accordingly, numerous traffic lights at intersections throughout the city no longer worked, and police officers would now have to regulate traffic there in some cases.

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The police union (GdP) had previously stated that “many traffic lights” in Berlin “due to the heat” have given up the ghost. “It is unacceptable that in 2022 so many traffic lights fail at the same time because it is sometimes 35 degrees Celsius outside,” said GdP head of state Stephan Weh withstand.”

He gave the example of cooling systems for traffic lights. The police are there for the people in Berlin to avert danger. “But we cannot simultaneously secure traffic at so many intersections that require regulation.” The officials could not “stand for hours in the sweltering heat on the asphalt”.