Novosibirsk, which with a toy gun has kidnapped 300 rubles and bought a rose to the girl threatens till 8 years

on the Night of 6 February, a man with a toy gun attacked a kiosk near the house № 8 along the street Zorge in the Kirov district of Novosibirsk. Today in office of public Prosecutor of the Kirov area has informed that in respect of 39-year-old assailant men the indictment.

— during preliminary investigation it is established that in early February, 2020 at night, the accused sh was at home, drank alcohol. When the alcohol ended, he decided to go to a convenience kiosk located next to the house to kidnap 300 rubles for the purchase of flowers for his mistress, with whom they were at odds, and cigarettes, while he took a toy gun. About 2 a.m. the accused went to the kiosk and knocked. The window was opened by a sleepy woman-the seller, which sh showed a gun and demanded her 300 rubles. Fearing for his life, the seller handed cash to the defendant, — explained in Department.