Nikolai Vlasov: that the Nazis made a prisoner by the Hero of the Soviet Union

History 09/01/20 Nikolai Vlasov: that the Nazis made a prisoner by the Hero of the Soviet Union

the Name of General Andrei Vlasov is on everyone’s lips: we all know the story about how Soviet military commander defected to the Germans and became a traitor (for which was subsequently executed). But there was another Vlasov, whose name is not so familiar to the General public, and yet this man was not only a Hero of the Soviet Union, ACE aviation, personally shot down 10 enemy aircraft, but they also set an example of indomitable courage, not broken even in the face of imminent death.

according to V. A. Mitroshenkov in the book “Pilots”, published in the series “Life of remarkable people”, the future flying ACE Nikolay Vlasov was born in Petrograd in a working class family in 1916. Despite the fact that it is clearly discernible artistic talent, after “seven” Nicholas initially worked with his father as a mechanic at the plant. Then he firmly decided to enter the aviation school, from which he graduated successfully in 1936, becoming a flight instructor.

When the Great Patriotic war, Nikolai Ivanovich from the first day he commanded a fighter squadron on the Western front. In August 1941, having a battering RAM, hit the enemy aircraft, he was seriously injured, and then another year could not fly. In order not to waste time in vain, Vlasov all this time instructing young pilots, preparing them for combat missions.

after Returning from the hospital, the pilot could fly only on light aircraft U-2. During this time he made 220 sorties, participated in 27 air battles, personally shot down 10 enemy aircraft and was in 1942, presented to the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union, which was presented to him in a solemn ceremony in the Kremlin (in addition to this award he was also awarded two orders of Lenin and order of the red banner, having made during the war, 280 sorties).

In 1943, the pri flight to his native Leningrad Vlasov plane was hit by fire from German flak, caught fire, and the pilot was thrown from the cab in the territory occupied by the enemy. Vlasov was captured in an unconscious condition was taken prisoner.

Once in a concentration camp in the Polish district proud Lodz, the Soviet pilot became one of the leaders of the underground. In 1944 for attempting to escape, failed, Vlasov was transferred to the German fortress-prison of Wurzburg, which has not yet been a single case of escape. Was not successful and the attempt Vlasov to escape from there, and he was in prison in Nuremberg, where he soon became once again ready to escape. Because of the denunciation of the traitor, the plan of the pilot failed, and Vlasov himself was transferred this time to the concentration camp of Mauthausen (Austria) to block the death of No. 20.

It was in 1945. Vlasov and there is not resigned to his fate, and together with other members of the underground began to prepare an uprising, but once again was betrayed and, after much torture burned alive in a crematorium. However, his plan was nevertheless implemented a little later a group of prisoners of block of death (mostly Soviet prisoners of war) revolted, killed the guards with his bare hands, seized the machine-gun towers and escaped from the camp. It was the only escape in the history of the concentration camps.

Nikolai Vlasov, ironically, who’s a namesake of the famous traitor, did not make their awards even in captivity (and the Germans for some reason was never touched — apparently, they also inspire respect for the resilience and courage of the Soviet pilot), only shortly before his death he removed rewards to comrade secretly conveyed them Home. N. And. Vlasov, became a symbol of struggle and unbroken spirit must have felt that, in spite of the approaching Victory, through the fault of traitors, to live up to the great day he himself will not be meant to be.

the order of the Ministry of defense of the USSR hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel Nikolai Ivanovich Vlasov, is this inscription: “While in captivity, Vlasov, holding high the honor and dignity of the Soviet soldier-patriot, showed resilience and courage, supported the comrades in captivity, he was the organizer of a number of escapes from captivity. Scornfully rejected the attempt of the enemy to force him to change his Homeland… Selfless devotion of Colonel Vlasova N. I. the Homeland, his loyalty to the military oath, courage and heroism should be an example for all personnel of the Armed Forces of the USSR”.

Alena Volkova

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