The arrival has been followed by tens of thousands of individuals live all around the world.

A toddler giraffe has died in a horrible accident soon after it was born if it had been turned on by its mother.

The incident happened in the Nashville Zoo and has been declared on Jan. 16 when the zoo’s pregnant giraffe called Nasha went to labour as tens of thousands of people saw the event live online through a feed.

Soon after labour, nevertheless, complications with the baby giraffe started to grow and medical intervention was needed from Dr. Matthew DeLisle in the Tennessee Equine Hospital along with the zoo’s veterinary staff who managed to finally successfully send the calf.

“We transferred the toddler to be together with her mother and both were bonding. In this time period, Nasha could have inadvertently hurt her calf. The giraffe keepers discovered the calf was in distress”

As per a announcement from the Nashville Zoo, the animal care staff promptly intervened but were ineffective in their efforts at reviving or rescue the calf.

A necropsy revealed the toddler giraffe had suffered injury to the neck however, the giraffe will undergo additional testing to find out whether there could have been some inherent causes associated with the passing although first observations didn’t indicate anything special.

This was Nasha’s first arrival and the Nashville Zoo explained that she’s doing well regardless of the catastrophe and that zookeepers would be providing her”a wealth of comfort and attention for the upcoming few days”

“Our team has worked tirelessly to be certain this calf was given the greatest possible care. We proceeded from dread of a stillborn to pleasure of resurrection to misery.”

Nasha’s pregnancy has been followed by tens of thousands of people around the world thanks to 3 cameras which had been set up in her pencil by ABC News’ Nashville affiliate WKRN.

“The channel’s news programs often updated audiences about the standing of Nasha’s pregnancy and invited individuals to see the’Baby Giraffe Cam’ via their site.

The zoo also posted that the dreadful news on Instagram stating:”We’re heartbroken to declare that Nasha’s crab died soon after our birth announcement before… Thank you all for your support over the previous couple of months and particularly during this challenging time.”