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At least in Germany, the video streaming service Netflix is ​​on the rise again. This is the result of the recently published AGF platform study, which is collected twice a year.

After Netflix had to record a decline in autumn, the service was used more frequently again in the current spring survey.

According to the platform study 2022-I, Netflix was seen by 33.3 percent of those surveyed in the past four weeks – based on the survey period – before that it was 30.5 percent. Prime Video also increased – from 22.6 to 23.9 percent. Disney, on the other hand, lost favor with users, the rate fell from 8.3 to 7.6 percent.

Netflix recently laid off several hundred employees due to declining subscriber numbers. The US service can currently look forward to a new record: the fourth season of the sci-fi series “Stranger Things” has clocked up 1.15 billion viewing hours since its release.

Previously, only the Korean series “Squid Game” had broken the one billion streaming hours mark. However, their record of 1.65 billion hours may still be broken as the Stranger Things count runs through the end of the month.

In the platform survey by AGF and Kantar, however, the public channels also increased significantly. Usage over the past four weeks increased 2.9 percentage points to 28.1 percent.

Kerstin Niederauer-Head, head of AGF video research in Frankfurt, attributed this to the increased use of information services as a result of the Ukraine war. The current survey ran from February 14th to April 3rd and started shortly before the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24th.

The upward trend in commercial streamers and public service channels was at the expense of Youtube. According to the spring study, 49.9 percent of those over 14 used the service in the past four weeks, 3.3 percentage points less than in the fall. Overall, however, YouTube remains the most used platform.