19.08.2022, Bayern, München: Eine Frau schützt sich bei Regen mit einem bunten Schirm. Auch für manche Regionen in Bayern sind weitere Regenfälle vorhergesagt. Foto: Peter Kneffel/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

At some point, the heat dries out one or the other brain cell, and the feeling grew that there was a mocking undertone in all the weather forecasts, at least when it came to the weather in Berlin in the past few days, more precisely: in districts like Tempelhof-Schoeneberg or Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

Lawns lay there like beige-yellowish carpets, marked by the lack of water, and weather apps and experts announced like a redeeming cry: It will rain the next day, all day long! Showers, thunderstorms – oh glory!

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And like the vagabonds Estragon and Vladimir in Samuel Beckett’s play waited for Godot’s answer, so they waited for the rain. Only: He didn’t come, at least for hours not at the predicted time.

And hours can feel like days in moments like this. Frustration rose, hope sank, the sun shone. Well, it did come, the rain, but it felt like it was delayed forever.

At least you can save yourself a short, torturous wait right from the start. Weather forecast for Sunday: low probability of rain.