Symbolfoto Gas-Umlage und Energiekosten Symbolbild und Themenbild Gas-Umlage der Regierung und dadurch gestiegen Kosten fuer Heizung und Energie Deutschland *** Symbol photo gas apportionment and energy costs symbol image and theme image gas apportionment of the government and thereby increased costs for heating and energy Germany

According to information from the German Press Agency, a large part of the multi-billion euro levy to save gas importers is attributable to two companies. More than 90 percent of the 34 billion euros that will be incurred for the gas surcharge by April 2024 will go to two gas trading partners with Russia, as the dpa learned on Monday: Uniper and the former Gazprom Germania.

Uniper had declared last week that it would receive more than 50 percent of the levy, but without naming an exact amount. According to reports, it should be about two thirds. A further 25 percent will go to Sefe (formerly Gazprom Germania) and its main contractual partners Wingas and VNG.

According to the information, the remaining 8 percent of the levy costs are borne by the other eight companies. Of these eight companies, RWE has already publicly stated that it intends to forego the surcharge.