Mikhail Malyukov: what punishment was given to an unemployed, hit by Mikhail Gorbachev in the head

History 09/02/20 Public domainМихаил Malyukov: what punishment was given to an unemployed, hit by Mikhail Gorbachev in the head

Some authors argue that Mikhail Malyukov caused Mikhail Gorbachev blow to the head. Even though the court described the impact Malyukova a commonplace slap. However, the former President of the USSR is generally considered that in Omsk he had made the present attempt.

the Incident during the election campaign

Mikhail Gorbachev, who left the post of President of the Soviet Union in 1991, decided to fight for power after 3 years. At least Love Signer, author of “People and destiny”, argues that Gorbachev said this in 1994 in the newspaper “rush Hour”, which was then led by Vladislav Leaves. Before the presidential elections, namely in April 1996, the former head of the country arrived to Omsk for a meeting with voters. The event was held in the social and political center of the city. As he recalled Gorbachev, at the entrance of the building there were people with placards ultra-radical wing. However, the applicant did not pay much attention to it. “This is normal” – later told Mikhail Gorbachev.

In the lobby of the Omsk centre of the Gorbachev also did not notice anything unusual, however, and his guards. As stated in the publication “attacks on leaders: secrets of Russian history,” Gorbachev saw only a few small groups of people, one of whom suddenly separated man. As it turned out, it was non-partisan and unemployed resident of Omsk Mikhail Malyukov. Malyukov approached Gorbachev and hit him on the head. However, many historians and journalists, including S. G. Kara-Murza, the author of the book “Antimyth”, calling it a full-fledged stroke, but only a slap in the face. Whatever it was, the bodyguards of Gorbachev, having failed to prevent the attack, was detained Malyukova.

the Details and motives for the attack

it is Noteworthy that Michael G> Orbach insisted that in Omsk he had made the present attempt. According to Gorbachev himself, which he expressed in the program “hero of the day”, the attack was carefully planned and the blow dealt professionally. TV presenter Yevgeny Kiselyov at some point, called the actions of the hooligan Malyukova, but Gorbachev corrected the reporter: “This is an attempt on the presidential candidate”. Nikolay Zenkovich in his book “the Assassination and staging” writes that a slap in the face, and in fact was so strong that Gorbachev was shaken.

moreover, Gorbachev claimed that during the arrest Malyukova were found a knife. Nevertheless, the question about why the assailant had not benefited at it with machetes, and left unanswered. But it turned out other information about Mikhail Malukova. As reported by Vyacheslav Likhachev on the book “Nazism in Russia”, Malyukov was a supporter of the barkashovites, that is, members of the “Russian national movement” headed by Alexander Barkashov. The same motives of his act Malyukov explained to the correspondent of the Agency “Reuters” the attack of the Killer: “I wanted to slap this man for what he did to my country.”

the court Decision

Despite the words of Mikhail Gorbachev’s attempt against Mikhail Malyukov was a criminal case under article 206 of the criminal code for hooliganism. At least, such data results in his book “slandered the Great leader” Igor Pyhalov. However, the Central municipal court, which heard the case about the attack on Gorbachev, Malyukova freed from responsibility for their actions. According to the report, at the time of application of the slap he was in a deranged state. Indeed, as stated by himself Mikhail Malyukov, he didn’t plan to attack Gorbachev, however, seeing the ex-President of the USSR, I could not resist.

In the end, Mikhail Malyukov, it was decided to submit to compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital. The court did not take into attentione lawyers Malyukova, who insisted that if their client was suffering from some mental disorder, it is not a danger to others presented. And the sister of Michael, Tatiana, claimed that her brother was a very calm person, so she was never afraid to leave him with their children. However, treatment Date still had. Eighteen months later he was discharged from the hospital. Since then, Mikhail Malyukov not talked to journalists and gave interviews.

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