Microsoft announced the PMDG DC-6 plane is now available for purchase in Microsoft Flight Simulator at $54.99. According to the firm, the price currently on offer is a special release price that will rise to $69.99 later. The package also includes the DC-6A, DC-6B and DC-6B versions which are respectively cargo and passenger planes.

Microsoft claimed that the new plane was feature-rich, and extremely detailed. The plane was based on one the last PMDG DC-6s in existence that can still fly. It is more realistic because the flight deck, instrumentation and vibration characteristics as well as mechanical systems are all matched to the plane.

You will receive the PMDG Virtual Flying Engineer. This virtual flight engineer can either sit with you and do the flying, or you can take over the checklists and engine management tasks. The playlist has been created by the PMDG Simulations YouTube channel to assist you in getting started with flying the plane.

To purchase the plane for Microsoft Flight Simulator use, please visit the PMDG’s website or in-game Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. PMDG’s website states that digitally delivered products cannot be refunded. Make sure you are certain to order the plane.