STVV in Spite of a beautiful 7 and 9, and a safe place to be in the middle of the table, hangs the sword of Damocles still on top of the head on Marc Brys. The reason is that some of the ‘additions’ are no opportunities. STVV has responded, and in the meantime, the clubwebsite. “There have never been problems between the staff and the club, what it sounds like.

Seung-Woo Lee, and Cong Phuong are extremely rare in the action. On the one hand, because they do not directly fit into his preferred 3-5-2 system and, on the other hand, since they’re until further notice, and has no added value to the team. And let’s just VietnameseMessi Cong Phuong and the South Korean Lee, with ex-Barcelona and, once in the top 20 best youngsters in the world are those with the commercial doors of the DMM to the two Asian countries is extra-large, had to have it.

in Addition, it denounced Brys, which is often the transferbeleid of the CEO of Tateishi & co., For example, a team badly in need of replacements for Tomiyasu, Kamada, in The Beginning, and the other Bezussen, but it was Brys, only five defensive midfielders, the same number pocketflanken, Suzuki, and, in the final analysis, Steve De Ridder. “What do you want me to about it say,” said Marc Brys is on the phone. “I’m not going to comment on them, of course. For the Japanese people to decide. And even if you go toe to toe I can, in good conscience, I can’t hold on.”

STVV, reacts

President David Meekers. “We have to have a Japanese hulpcoach the promises been met, and a Japanese videoanalist. But that part is definitely not part of a plan to Brys aside from that, because of the choice of the Belgian head coach was and still is a very conscious choice. That is not an issue. If this is so, then I know it. That is Phuong and Lee are not yet being used, has nothing to do with it. It’s the results that count.”

Next, the president responded, Sint-Truiden, belgium on the clubwebsite.“There has never been any problems between the club and the staff. There seems to be a mutual respect between the club, the coach and the players. Some of our players were even mentioned in the media, but they are in the club, believe in each and every one of them. We are as a club and on top of all the rumors. We continue to be ambitious and we will do our best to achieve our goals. The club believes in its coaching staff and its players. We are confident that our team will be even stronger than in the previous football season.”