Die Feuerwehr löscht Glutnester. Die verheerenden Waldbrände in Brandenburg sind zwar weitgehend gelöscht, doch die Feuerwehr muss weiterhin noch zahlreiche Glutnester in den Brandgebieten bekämpfen. +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

In southern Brandenburg, the police arrested a 36-year-old who is said to have started several fires in a forest near Rothstein. A witness observed the man on Saturday, police said on Sunday.

He is suspected of having set fire to a total of four places within a radius of about 500 meters. Because these were discovered early, the fire brigade was able to prevent the fire from spreading further. The police are investigating arson.

A police helicopter was also used in the search for the suspected cause of the fire. The criminal police secured clues.

Rothstein, a district of the town of Uebigau-Wahrenbrück, is about 20 kilometers from the current forest fire area of ​​Kölsa-Rehfeld. (dpa)