Liverpool will be experiencing horror chills, campy thrills, and fierce Halloween fashion this weekend

Halloween is here! Get out your brooms and start carving pumpkins.

A variety of LGBT+ events will be coming to Liverpool this Halloween. They are sure to satisfy your cravings for all things spooky.

There’s something for everyone this weekend, whether you love chilling horror or campy thrills.

This spooky season, we’ve put together a list of queer-friendly entertainment venues, nightlife, and social events.

Sonic Yootha Scalloween 5,

Sonic Yootha is a Liverpool queer club night that takes place at 24 Kitchen Street in the Baltic Triangle. It’s open to homos, heteros and drag shows.

Scalloween 5 promises to bring you a night full of new wave, old rave and disco, as well as soul, rock, pop, and soul.

Where: 24 Kitchen Street, October 30, 9pm, 18+, PS10

Final Baby Girl

Baby Lame, a punk-horror drag star, brings an evening full of midnight movies to Liverpool in association with Homotopia.

Final Baby Girl is the story of Baby Lame, who chases her dream to be the hardcore axe-wielding “final girl” in her own slasher film. It’s akin to Courtney Cox in Scream or Jamie Lee-Curtis’ Halloween.

Baby, the bearded drag supermonster, is trying her best to make it to stardom. But there’s one problem: Baby hasn’t found anyone to kill her.

Baby Lame will be a horror movie star with her ‘trash-tastic songs, interactive comedy, and ‘gut-churning film clips’.

Warning: Final baby girl contains flashing lights, loud music, and depictions that glorify violence, death, and murder.

Where: VideOdyssey, Toxteth TV, October 29, 9pm. 18+. You can also livestream.

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