16.11.2018, Berlin: Christian Lindner, Vorsitzender der FDP, und Freundin Franca Lehfeldt beim Vorempfang zur 70. Verleihung des Medienpreises Bambi im Stage Theater. Foto: Soeren Stache/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Anyone understand that. In view of the war in Ukraine, Olaf Scholz, the Federal Chancellor, puts the citizens in the mood for persistently high prices. And that “the current crisis will not be over in a few months”. Overall, he speaks of a “historic challenge”.

That’s not all: Christian Lindner, Vice Chancellor and Minister of Finance, warns of a “serious economic crisis” and “three to four, maybe five years of shortages”. There is now a lot of talk about renunciation. According to the “Spiegel”, especially for the long-term unemployed. Lindner probably wants to drastically reduce their aid in the coming years.

Okay, understood: the times are full of deprivation.

But that doesn’t seem to apply to everyone. At least not for Lindner – and Scholz. Because in the middle of the inflation, the finance minister, among the 140 invited the chancellor, is celebrating a three-day wedding on Sylt. And what a. This won’t be a small number.

Just no envy, right. Anyone who has, has, who can, can – can afford it. The “Sansibar” on the beach, the “Vogelkoje” in Kampen, the wedding in the picturesque church in Keitum (although both are no longer in the church): marriage in a dream setting. private matter? Yes, yes – but one with public effect.

Sometimes, isn’t it, the private becomes political. In these times of champagne, prices of 590 euros per night in the spa resort (even if the wedding guests pay for it themselves), arrival by plane – that shows little tact.

Christian Linder is federal minister, not just minister for those who can continue to afford 5-star stays on Sylt. Economic liberality would be misunderstood. How that works: insensitive and politically unwise. It is incomprehensible that Lindner of all people does something like this, since he is usually so concerned about his external impact.

Anyone who talks about an economic crisis with a straight face should mean it seriously – and also take it seriously. Best, smartest with at least a little bit more of personal renunciation. Sometimes politics is leading by example. What is that supposed to be?