It is the end of an age for information seekers — and online culture, also.

Get your last questions prepared, since Tuesday marks the previous day customers may post on Yahoo Replies.

Questions submitted to the website ranged from requesting the advantages and disadvantages of ready-mix concrete to the way to replace a vehicle battery and if the Chicago Bears will win the following Super Bowl.

Unlike submitting questions to some Facebook group, Yahoo Replies was almost entirely untrue, which meant anyone can anonymously post whatever is in their mind — and also a few men and women who submitted to Yahoo Answers have experienced some huge questions. Some examples in the website’s more than 15-year background include:

Did dragons reside prior to, during, or following dinosaurs?
Ladies, I bring my guitar nearly anywhere to impress girls — does that work?
Should I consume myselfwould I become twice as large? Or vanish completely?
“It’s spawned a few of my favourite remarkable readings on YouTube,” explained Ryan Broderick, who writes on the online culture newsletter”Garbage Day.”

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy sponsor a humor information podcast,”My Brother, My BrotherMe and Me,” where every episode they spotlight a number of the strangest Yahoo Replies they could locate.

Travis McElroy stated in the over 10 years they have been studying questions on the stage, they have noticed several trends.

“Plenty of questions concerning vaping. A good deal of queries about horses. A good deal of queries about ghosts — a great deal of queries about ghosts.”

McElroy said among the things which retains the brothers coming back into Yahoo Answers is that the questioners, oftentimes, genuinely need to have an answer. He explained his podcast gets an attempt to answer in way that suits that opinion.

“Our favourite sort of Yahoo Answers questions will be those where — regardless of how crazy the topic matter is — there’s obviously a, such as, profound awareness of sincerity. Like, the individual wants to understand the answer to this,” McElroy said. “And I believe one of those things that sort of clicked to us quite early on is like, well, it is really simple to sit and make fun of the. However, I think that it’s more fun to attempt and think about a response which may assist them.”

Before this month, decided that many Twitter users in comparison with the burning of the Library of Alexandria, Yahoo announced it would be shutting down Yahoo Replies, therefore deleting the system’s whole backlog of posts. The final day to post questions and replies is Tuesday, April 20, until it is taken down on May 4. In a statement announcing that the shutdown, Yahoo cited flagging interest from the stage, composing,”while Yahoo Replies was a key portion of Yahoo’s services and products, it’s become less popular through recent years.”

“You will find, obviously, other sites where you move to ask questions, however Yahoo Replies has shaped into such a exceptional thing which I do not understand that we can one-for-one substitute it,” he explained.

However, McElroy added that the actual reduction will be those interested Yahoo Replies users that will finally have to go unanswered.

“Yeah, there is a part of me that’s sad for what it implies for our series, but more than that I am miserable for the Yahoo Replies community. And sad for that which they’ll be missing”

Broderick said even when the platform does not make fiscal sense to the business , the mark it leaves on internet culture is unquestionable.

“We want these bizarre memes and unique things, because that is what makes the net an enjoyable spot, and it is going to be miserable if it disappears, I believe,” he explained.