Koenigsberg-13: the mystery of the most secret laboratories of Hitler

History 14/02/20 Koenigsberg-13: the mystery of the most secret laboratory Hitler

One of the main mysteries of the Second World war is a mysterious object appearing in the media under the mysterious name of Koenigsberg-13. According to numerous urban legends, during the war in the dungeons beneath the city housed the laboratories of the Germans, which was carried out occult research in search of magical weapons.

Mysterious tunnels

the existence of a mysterious laboratory under the cobbled pavement of Konigsberg may reflect the fact that the best place for her organization in Europe was not found. The fact that right beneath the city, an extensive an extensive network of underground tunnels begun in the XIII century. Most interesting is that all the underground utilities, which every year became more and more conducted in a single underground facility located right under the Royal Palace. How much would a random stranger wandered through the underground galleries, in the end, he always went to the center of a huge underground web. At the same time, having a map of underground utilities if you wish, you could go to any part of the city or even beyond it. As the Royal Palace, representing the real medieval castle, in the first half of the XX century was located in the emblematic street of Koenigsberg-13, hence the name.

Good choices

At the same time, it should be noted that choosing a place for their mystic research, the leaders of the Third Reich a lot of attention paid to the study of ancient magical practices could hardly overlook this small town in East Prussia, after the war became Soviet territory. Konigsberg from the early middle ages was a kind European centre of alchemists and magicians of various stripes. Here they carried out the experiments, performed the dark spell createdand extensive library of occult literature. Even a Baker’s dozen, the number 13 mysteriously always accompanied the history of the city. Arithmetic addition of the figures of the year of its Foundation – 1255, will give a total of 13. The capitulation of Koenigsberg before the Soviet troops was signed in the Cabinet room 13. Such coincidences are numerous. It is not surprising that in this place Hitler created one of the most amazing laboratories for the study of the mystical knowledge of the past.

Occult studies

I Must admit that the numerous legends of the Second World war do not lie. In the city, there was indeed a laboratory conducting in the interests of the Third Reich studies in the field of combat use of magic, occult knowledge and prediction of events based on astrological calculations. At the same time, quite amazing is the fact that the studies conducted in the laboratory, have not survived virtually no original documents, despite the fact that the city capitulated to the Soviets.

According to one version, these securities were exchanged in the West on military hardware and equipment, however, it is not clear what prevented them detailed copies. Most likely, these documents still have a GIF of privacy, so society was running a version of the loss data by the German research Kenigsberge-13. To make an assumption about what was actually involved in a mysterious laboratory is possible only on the basis of fragmentary stories of local residents. To sum up their evidence, it appears that the study in the dungeons was conducted from mid 1930-ies and almost to the end of the war. In particular, one of the citizens in 1943 was terribly surprised, having met on the island Kneiphof around in the city, Buddhist monks in red and white robes.

in addition to the underground part, the studies were conducted four two-storey houses built in different eras. Within their walls it was possible to see cult objects of the East and the Christianie icons, idols of the Vikings or the mask of the Indians. Experimented with the separate parts of bodies of animals. Reached that in the laboratory made wax dolls of political figures, opponents of the Nazi regime, which inserted the eyes of animals and in compliance with complex magic rituals pierced their bodies with needles. All of the most terrible recipes medieval warlocks been tested in practice.

When news of these experiments on his mannequin came to Winston Churchill, he was extremely excited. It is not surprising that at the first opportunity in the summer of 1944 königsberg was literally bombarded with Napalm bombs dropped from aircraft of the British. However, despite the fact that the entire city lay in ruins, four buildings and a laboratory, as well as its underground part was completely untouched by the bombings. The most paradoxical that one of the employees of Konigsberg 13 Hans Schurr, who was a recognized astrologer at the beginning of the war predicted the collapse of the Third Reich in the spring of 1945, but his words are not heeded, but when it became clear that he was right – shot.

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