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They are happy with the foxes. Satisfied with the development of the past two years, in which the club has ranked fourth and then third in the Handball Bundesliga. Happy with the team, which presents itself as a homogeneous unit and is willing to continue climbing the ladder of success.

So it’s not surprising that the contract with Jaron Siewert, who as a coach is largely responsible for this process, was extended early. The native Berliner will stay for at least another year, i.e. until 2024. This step is “logical and consistent”, as sports director Stefan Kretzschmar puts it in a press release by Foxes.

“The upheaval was successful and we also believe in taking the next steps in development,” Bob Hanning is quoted as saying. The managing director can feel confirmed in his decisions. First he brought handball icon Kretzschmar on board and thus tied a dazzling personality to the club, which played a major role in the recent successes with strong transfers.

And Hanning was also right about the Siewert personnel. His former player, who made his mark on the sidelines for the first time in Essen, has been prominent with the foxes for two years now. The now 28-year-old quickly dispelled initial concerns about his youth and impressed with his expertise and the way he dealt with the players. There were no generation conflicts or authority problems.

In addition, Siewert has also developed personally. He works with his players on a coherent concept and sometimes puts his plans up for discussion. At first he was rather reserved during the games, but the coach has long been emotionally involved. Siewert has arrived and so has the team with him. The goal this year is clear: qualifying for the Champions League. Jaron Siewert is exactly the right man for this.