Italy opened a criminal case on Loginov and Kasperovich

the head of the Union of biathletes of Russia Vladimir Drachev said that Alexander Loginov and his coach Alexander Kasperovich was a criminal case. According to sports officials, the Russian biathletes could even go to prison if found his doping.

“For of him and Loginova in Italy a criminal case. It threatens the proceedings. Gadgets, cell phones – all this will be viewed. According to Italian law, if you were caught for doping, you can even get” – quoted by Drachev “Sport-Express”.

“If these gadgets and papers, which were seized during a search, any evidence in medical drugs or methods are not, this case is closed,” – said the President of the RBU.

Recall that on February 22, Italian police raided and searched the hotel, where lived Russian national team. Alexander Loginov was seized phone and laptop. The reason for the search was the use of someone else’s accreditation to the world championship personal coach of biathlon Alexander Kasperovich.