LIVING room. Today is the sixth anniversary of the national day of protest against a case of “One day”. On any given day, there are in our country, an average of 141 residential burglary is committed. A lot of break-ins are easy to prevent. Bart has Hold of the security firm G4S Belgium to learn how you can make sure that you are not the victim of a break-in.

The number of reported break-ins and burglary attempts dropped from 72.717 in 2014 51.617 in 2018. But that’s still more than 141 break-ins by dag.De most of the burglaries are during the winter months is carried out, that is why it is important to be extra vigilant during this time of year.

A clever intruder is taking some steps to be observed: as he analyzes the area, examine the home and make sure that they have proper equipment to support their burglary attempt, to improve. The different steps are critical to be completed and an appropriate action, you can get the thief to be slim once and for all.

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During analyzing the environment to find the perfect house for you to select from. There are regular patrols by police in the area? What are the houses, the eyes of which are uninhabited and which houses are visible and secured? “The houses, which are isolated from the rest of the neighborhood, for example, is a very interesting target,” says Bart has Hold of a G4. “Please make sure that your house has a residential feel, and choose to install a burglar alarm system. That works for both of deterrent.”
2. Research from the household,

As a thief and a target is selected, try them out of the house and its occupants, as well as to get to know. If they look at the access and escape routes, watch for them on light and sound, indoors and outdoors, and they’re trying to find out if the residents are away. “The research that can be applied directly, some of the burglars to call to just to. When someone opens it, they are just as if they were a sales person, internetcontroleur, or someone else, and ask them to come in”, explains the security organization of. “Always check out who’s at the door, do not let strangers into, and if necessary, apply for an id card”, says the report.

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