Iosif Grigulevich: Soviet intelligence officer who became Ambassador of Costa Rica in Vatican city

History 31/01/20 Iosif Grigulevich: Soviet intelligence officer who became Ambassador of Costa Rica in Vatican city

“This is the pinnacle of Soviet intelligence, which is able to reach only those who are selected and elected by God” — so said about Grigulevich Yuri Andropov. In fact, with Joseph Romualdovich hardly anyone could match. This unique scout even managed to become the Ambassador of Costa Rica. While this is the only case in history where the illegal immigrant was headed by the Embassy of a foreign country.

the Path to intelligence

In fact, Joseph Grigulevich name was Juozas Grigalevicius. He was born in 1913 in Lithuania. In the family of Grigalevicius all spoke Russian, while knowledge of Russian and Polish, including Juozas. Despite the fact that the financial situation of the parents of the future scout left much to be desired, they were able to identify the son in Panevezhisskogo school. According to Yuri Paporov, one of the authors of the publication “legends of GRU”, it was within the walls of this educational institution 13-year-old Grigalevicius became a member of the illegal organization of Communist youth. For this, in fact, Juozas from school and expelled. Subsequently, Grigalevicius graduated from another high school, but their views are not denied.

In the early 1930-ies Juozas joined the Communist party of Poland, and after a few months became part of the Lithuanian Bureau of the Communist party of Western Belarus. According to Vladimir Antonov, the author of the book “the foreign intelligence Service. History, people, facts”, in 1932, Grigalevicius was arrested, was sentenced to two years probation and expelled from the country. He subsequently lived in France, Argentina, Spain. Some time Juozas worked as a translator for the Soviet Embassy in Madrid, and during the war he was appointed assistant chief of staff of the Madrid front. Then Grigalevicius and drew the attention of the NKVD General Alexander Orlov, who arrived in Spain. In 1937 Joseph romualdovich has worked with the Soviet intelligence.

In Latin America

In 1940, Joseph Grigulevich was transferred to Latin America, where he was very active intelligence activities in Brazil, Chile and several other countries. Had a chance to Grigulevich to participate in the operation to eliminate Trotsky, who lived, as you know, in Mexico. According to the author of the book “super Agent of Stalin. Thirteen lives the scout-the illegal immigrant,” Vladimir Chirkov, everywhere Grigulevich took for her. And this contributed not only to a specific appearance of Joseph Romualdovich, but his undoubted talent to get into any role. Grigulevich was able to ingratiate himself with people, being creative, cold-blooded and calculating.

All of these qualities helped Grigulevich during the Second world war, when he was entrusted with a responsible mission to sabotage. According to Mikhail Lyubimov, the author of the book “How to kill Bandera” being the sole agent in Argentina, Joseph romualdovich organized a group that engaged in bombings of the German courts with different loads: nitrate, tungsten and other raw materials for the military industry. Through these activities, the supply of Argentine goods in Germany virtually ceased. It is not surprising that many historians consider the contribution of Grigulevich to the defeat of fascism no less significant than the one that made the Soviet soldiers at the front.

the Ambassador of Costa Rica and his friendship with Dad

But with the end of the Second World war, the Joseph Grigulevich not diminished, however, as success. If you believe the author of the book “Markus wolf. “The man without a face” from the Stasi” Noel Voropayeva, in 1949, Grigulevich settled in Italy, where he was able to legalize under the guise of a businessman Theodore Castro. In Italy the “Castro” showed another talent: he possessed great pen. Campaign article of Grigulevich helped to come to power Figures josé, President of Costa Rica. In 1950, something incredible happened: Grigulevich became the country’s Ambassador to Italy, Vatican and Yugoslavia. While this is the only case in history where the illegal immigrant was headed by the Embassy of a foreign country.

we Can only guess about how much important information managed to get Grigulevich through this post. Moreover, Theodore Castro was entrusted to the Pope himself. To Joseph Romualdovich such heights could not reach anyone. Says documentary filmmaker Vilen vizilter in his memoirs, “Echo of the epoch”, Pius XII even awarded Castro with the order of the “Maltese cross”. Needless to say that Dad did not even know about who is actually the Ambassador of Costa Rica. All for 17 years of service Grigulevich never been deconspiracy and personally recruited about two hundred agents. So it’s no surprise that Yuri Andropov called Joseph Romualdovich “the pinnacle of Soviet intelligence.”

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